Book for March

I stumbled across a batch of books for sale cheap, so I’ve grabbed them for the March meeting. Assuming no-one objects, the meeting on Saturday 23rd March will discuss Land of the Headless by Adam Roberts.


This is a weird book, but I enjoyed it immensely when I read it. I thought it would be a nice change after the relentless hard Sci-Fi of Gridlinked. Adam Roberts is an innovative writer, and the book contains lots of deep stuff on religious fundamentalism, social prejudice, mistaken identity and misplaced love. Fortunately it’s also a good story and an enjoyable read.

A quick footnote, there are loads of cheap copies available on Amazon.


Next meeting 23rd Feb – Gridlinked

The next meeting is Saturday 23rd Feb in the Chester Library meeting room at 14:00. We’ll be discussing the book Gridlinked by Neal Asher.

Gridlinked is Neal Asher’s first book and it’s classic hard Sci-Fi. Interplanetary terrorists, planetary catastrophes and a mysterious alien object the size of a small moon. It’s a longish book, but the story fairly rattles along and it’s a compelling read.

We’ll be donating copies of the book to the library for a display, but please buy your own if you can. You’ll find lots of copies for 1p (+ £2.80 postage!) on Amazon.

Book for February

It would be good to get a book chosen for the February meeting so everyone has plenty of time to get a copy. I’ve been browsing around Amazon for books that are available cheap second hand, and I have some suggestions. Please express a preference or suggest ideas for other books.

The Kings of Eternity – Eric Brown

Gateway – Fred Pohl

Use of Weapons – Iain M.Banks

Gridlinked – Neal Asher

Existence – David Brin
This is a fairly recent book so it isn’t available cheaply second hand, but the Chester Libraries have lots of copies.

My own favourite would be Gridlinked, but I’m thinking that maybe I’ll try and buy a load of copies for a later meeting, so for now I’d choose one of the other books.

January 2013 meeting


The January meeting of Chester Library Science Fiction Book Group is on Saturday 26th January 2013 from 2pm in the first floor large meeting room.  In the main chester library on Northgate street.

We will be discussing ‘I am legend’ by Richard Matheson.

Everyone is welcome to come along.