Next meeting Saturday 27th July

The next meeting is on Saturday 27th July. I think we’re back in the meeting room upstairs, but who knows?

The books for discussion are the anthologies Nightfall One and Nightfall Two by Isaac Asimov. These were originally published as the single book Nightfall and Other Stories in 1969. Asimov’s short story Nightfall, written in 1941, is widely regarded as a classic. So much so that Asimov published Nightfall and Other Stories in an attempt to prove that he has written other good stories since. True, but I suspect most us will agree that Nightfall is the best story in the collection.

It will be interesting to see what the group think of the books. It’s the first time we’ve chosen an anthology, so it’s a bit of an experiment. To help the discussion along I suggest (and it’s just a suggestion so feel free to ignore it!) that everyone chooses their favourite story apart from Nightfall. Then we can each talk about why we liked that particular story.

At the risk of making it sound like a English Literature course, every Sci-Fi fan should have read some of the short stories from the post war era. In those days Sci-Fi writing was dominated by short stories and it became something of an art form. A lot of the novels we have from those days were retrospectively constructed by gluing together short stories.