Next books

At the November meeting we need to choose four books for the January to April meetings in 2014. Please attach any suggestions as comments to this post.

I wouldn’t worry too much about trying to think of books that everyone will like. I think the best course is to suggest a few books that you would really like to talk about. That way at least one person in the meeting will be really interested :-). If some of the group hate the book that often makes for a more interesting discussion anyway – if everyone loves the book (as happened for Lord of Light) it can be hard to find much to discuss. Having said this, please don’t suggest anything by Stephen Donaldson – there are limits!

Some books that have been suggested are:

But nothing is set in stone, so suggest away!


Next meeting Sat 26th October

The next meeting is on Saturday 26th October. Heaven only knows where in the library we’re meeting. I’d try downstairs first, and failing that the upstairs meeting room.

The book is Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny. This is widely regarded as a classic, and indeed it’s included in the SF Masterworks series.

There isn’t a meeting in December, so we need to start thinking about the books for the first quarter of 2014 (I think we decided to choose three books at a time) so we can decide on the books at the November meeting. We were going to choose some hard Sci-Fi, but settled on Lord of Light and The City and the City instead. Maybe we lovers of the ray gun and spaceship genre can get our way next year :-).