Clashes with the Chester races

We have two dates that clash with the Chester races:

  • 28th June
  • 27th September

This isn’t as big a deal as it is for the TEBS group, since on the whole the race goers don’t crowd out the library. It does mean the traffic will be bad for anyone trying to get into Chester, and of course the pubs will be busy for anyone wanting a relaxing drink after the meeting.

So do we want to change the meeting dates? Possible changes to avoid the races would be:

  • 28th June: change to 21st June
  • 27th September: change to 20th September

If we’re going to change the dates we should probably do it soon to make sure the room is available. Maybe we could canvas opinion at the Feb 22nd meeting. I’d probably be in favour of changing the date, but I don’t feel that strongly about it and I’d be happy to go along with whatever the concensus view is.


First meeting of 2014

Happy New Year everyone.

The first meeting of 2014 is on Saturday 25th January. Presumably we’re in the meeting room on the first floor, though who knows?

We’ll be discussing The Court of the Air by Stephen Hunt. This is generally classed as Steampunk, though it does incorporate elements of Fantasy, which I think makes it more interesting than the run of the mill steampunk novels.