Next Meeting Saturday 28th June

The next meeting is on Saturday 28th June at 14:00 in Chester Library. As far as I know we are back in the meeting room – if some other group has taken possession try the young adult area on the ground floor.

We’ll be discussing Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

Note that the local libraries don’t have many copies of this book, and even Amazon doesn’t have cheap used copies, so you might want to start looking now. Note also that the Chester Races are running on Saturday 28th so the traffic in Chester will be heavy.


Free Sci-Fi magazine

I don’t know if this is of interest to anyone? But Amazon have a free SciFi magazine called (somewhat unimaginitively) The Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine. Well, the free publication isn’t the full magazine, just a digest, but it’s free! 🙂

You’ll need an e-reader to read it, but it doesn’t have to be an Amazon Kindle as Android tablets can run the Kindle reader app. Annoyingly you can’t read it on a PC as Amazon have blocked downloads to PCs, and it’s DRM protected so you can’t copy it from a tablet to a PC.

Next Meeting Sat 24th May

The next meeting is on Saturday 24th May at 14:00 in Chester Library. I believe we will be downstairs in the children’s area again (are the Library staff trying to tell us something?) as the Ladies Ninja Crochet group have the meeting room.

We’ll be discussing Gateway by Frederik Pohl. Kyle reports that this is suprisingly difficult to find cheaply for such a classic book so you might want to start looking now.