Book shortlist for next three meetings

We need to choose the last three books of the year. The shortlist is (in no particular order):

Tom, I forgot to write down the book you suggested. I had a vague memory it was by Peter Bishop, but i just Googled that name and the only results were the Fringe character. If you’d like to comment with the book details I’ll add them to the list.

We’ll make the selection at the next meeting on 23rd August. Be prepared to fight for your favoured book!


Next meeting Saturday 26th July

The next meeting is on Saturday 26th July at 14:00 in Chester Library. As far as I know we are back in the meeting room – if some other group has taken possession try the young adult area on the ground floor.

We’ll be discussing the short story collection Burning Chrome by William Gibson. This set the scenery for Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy and is widely regarded as an important stage in the development of Cyberpunk. There are lots of literary analyses of the anthology around, some more far fetched than others. There’s a nice article here.

We need to select the next three books for the September, October and November meetings (there is no meeting in December). Can you have a think and bring ideas for books to the meeting on 26th July. If we can choose a shortlist of a dozen or so books I’ll print summaries and we can make the final choice in August.