Book shortlist for next three meetings

We need to choose the last three books of the year. The shortlist is (in no particular order):

Tom, I forgot to write down the book you suggested. I had a vague memory it was by Peter Bishop, but i just Googled that name and the only results were the Fringe character. If you’d like to comment with the book details I’ll add them to the list.

We’ll make the selection at the next meeting on 23rd August. Be prepared to fight for your favoured book!


1 thought on “Book shortlist for next three meetings

  1. The Heretic Land:

    As a really late arrival at the meeting, I missed out on the book’s discussion.

    The Consensus, was ‘Disappointing’?

    I finished it last night. “Evil Abides… Then!”

    The first third, caught my attention. But the interminable chase by the Slayers went on forever…, and my interest wavered. It trudged on, to the big set piece battle and story resolution, and that was it.

    The charecters were likeable. The World building OK. The monsters/creatures: Eg: The Slayers, poorly defined.

    So, for me it was a ‘pedestrian’ read and disappointing.

    A pity, as TL has an established ‘Track Record’ within the Horror/Dark Fantasy genre.

    The group’s conclusion was the same… (? )

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