Books for May to August

The next four books are:

The debate was quite lively, even by our standards. We agreed pretty quickly on Wyrd Sisters (in honour of Terry Pratchett) and on the Heinlein (because it’s a classic), and several of us had read good reviews of Ancillary Justice so that was an easy choice. However there were enough good candidates for the last book that it more or less came down to the flip of a coin. The Alan Dean Foster and C. J. Cherryh books were strong contenders and will no doubt feature in future meetings.

Anyhow, the next meeting is 23rd May though where we’ll be in the library is anyone’s guess.


Next meeting April 25th

The next meeting is Saturday April 25th. We’ll be discussing Ringworld by Larry Niven.

Ringworld is one of the classics of science fiction and won both a Nebula and Hugo award. It’s an archetypal huge world building novel.

Whereabouts in the Library we are meeting I have no idea. The broom cupboard possibly?