Next meeting September 26th

The next meeting is on Saturday 26th September in Chester Library, probably in the teen area. We’ll be discussing The Three-Body Problem by the Chinese author Cixin Liu.

This is the first book of a trilogy. The trilogy was written in 2006 to 2010, but has only recently been translated into English (by Ken Liu, who I don’t think is any relation). The English translation of the second book of the trilogy, The Dark Forest, has just been released, and the translation of the final book is expected in 2016.

The Three-Body Problem won the 2015 Hugo Award for best novel.


Next three books

The last three books for 2015 are:

It was a surprisingly painless selection process. Everyone was interested to read a book by a (Hugo Award winning!) Chinese SF writer, and ark ship stories are always good 🙂

Next meeting August 22nd

Apologies for the late notice – I’d forgotten I hadn’t posted the notice for this meeting, though hopefully you will all have known the date anyway.

Anyhow, the next meeting is Saturday 22nd August at 14:00 in the library teen area as usual. We’ll be discussing Life After Life by Kate Atkinson.

Anyone who enjoyed the book (this includes me!) might be interested to know that there is a sequel called A God In Ruins. I have a copy of this if anyone is interested. Mail or text me before the meeting if you want to borrow it.