Next meeting 23rd January

The first meeting of 2016 is on 23rd January at 14:00. We’ll be meeting in Chester Library as usual, though exactly where in the Library I don’t know yet. We’ll be discussing Planet Purgatory by Benedict Martin.

Geoff reviewed the book on his blog – he liked it!


5 thoughts on “Next meeting 23rd January

  1. A late copy (To tablet.) 60+ in. Intriguing./enjoying it. (Library paper copy due to arrive in due course.

    I’ll read on, then (!)

  2. Star Wars Toys:

    ‘Don’t drop that Blaster….!’

    It seems that when Luke Skywalker’s (Original prop) blaster from Episode IV goes to auction.
    It will more than likely reach/surpass
    it’s reserve of £200.000.

    ‘Sadly, it doesn’t fire energy bolts.

    (Prior to the invention of .44 Magnum and 357grain/.38 cartridge in the 1920’s. The Mauser C96 in 7.96mm, was at the time the Worlds most powerful pistol. (Later also chambered in 9mm.))

    Known as the “Box Cannon”, it should stop an Imperial/First Order Storm Trooper… ‘Although this one won’t.

    Mark Hamill gave it away on ‘Jim’ll Fix it to a fan(owner?) in 1980.

    Like GL would say… “Not a bad little ‘Earner’…”

    TBS. (?)

    • Recalibred.:

      Knew I’d got it wrong.:

      C96 chambers 7.63x25mm (not 7.96. too big.)
      or (later) 9mm Parabellum.

      Still very effective.

      Trivia, though.

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