Next meeting Saturday Feb 27th

The next meeting is in Chester Library on Saturday 27th February. We’ll be discussing Darwin’s Radio by Greg Bear.

Greg Bear is one of the well established hard Sci-Fi authors, probably best known for his second book Strength of Stones. Darwin’s Radio examines what would happen when a retrovirus causes a sudden evolutionary change in humans.


3 thoughts on “Next meeting Saturday Feb 27th

  1. “A Six Hitter..”:

    Darwin’s Radio.:

    Although there were some initial misgivings about this one, before the meeting. JO’s choice ‘Threw us a Curve Ball…’ With a readership response of 6 positives (Of varying degree) to 2 less positives.

    The consensus was:

    Yes, it was “Brownian/Crichtonesque…”, in tone. It was felt that (For the time.) the Scientific elements were strong. (Increased Scientific knowledge regarding DNA and the Human Genome has overwritten the scientific core of the novel.)

    The charecterisation was enjoyable enough, etc. A mass market thriller with Hard SF elements. The plot was a little ‘Hollywood’, with a slightly ‘non resolved’ ending.

    As a sideread, D chose to read the sequel, Darwins Children. He stated that individual storylines are concluded, etc.

    DR generated a good length of discussion, (Well over an hour+ (?))
    Once again, no one hated it.

    Negatives as such, were:

    ‘Over detailed’, Eg: The opening scenes on the Glacier, etc.

    ‘Minunitae’: The colour of a charecters socks, etc.

    Isolationist/Parochial: The novels emphasis on purely US based events/effects.

    We all agreed that with regard to the events taking place. The rest of the World barely got a mention. (!) (Definately written for domestic consumption, then.) (?)

    All things considered, then. Despite initial pre-read misgivings. It was an enjoyable enough read.

    Other business included an overview of Greg Bears other novels, including The Forge Of God & Anvil Of Stars, etc.

    A re-review of Star Wars:TFA.
    An enthusiastic discussion in favour of DEADPOOL. (Strong Positives/Recommendations. (!))

    JR gave a heads up for possible selections for April onwards. (Thinking caps on, then!) (?)

    Also slight heads up/discussion of Game Of Thrones. Season 6:

    The possible return of an as yet ‘Unnamed’ charecter. It’s not John Snow. (To be seen?)

    Also, we discussed our next title:

    The Library At Mount Char. (Anticipated (!)) Again, to be seen. (?)

    Time drew to a close. As per, discussion resumed in the pub.

  2. “Witness…!”:

    Mad Max. Fury Road.:

    As part of Cineworld’s IMAX Experience. (3D Imax screening of: Jurassic World, Gravity, The Martian & MM.)

    Two members decided to (Re)-enter Max’s Post Apocalyptic World.

    Some consider it to be an extended ‘Chase’ movie, but without doubt, purely on the visuals, it’s a ‘Live Action’ comicbook that will achieve and maintain ‘Cult’ status.

    (For myself, a worthy re-watch. 2D’s fine.) Definately worth the £3 admittance.


    V8, V8, V8!

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