Next meeting 25th June

The next meeting is on 25th June in the Chester Library. We will be discussing Empire of Bones by Liz Williams.

Empire of Bones was nominated for the Philip K. Dick award (though it didn’t win). It’s a complex novel but has been very favourably reviewed. See for example this review on SFReviews.

Note that this is a race day so be prepared for the traffic to be heavy.


Should we change the dates of the meetings next year?

We originally set the meetings to be on the fourth Saturday to avoid clashes with TEBS, but they tend to coincide with the Chester Races meetings and that means terrible traffic and crowded pubs. We have another clash for the next meeting on 25th June, and clashes for the meetings on 23rd July and 24th September as well.

Now that TEBs is no longer meeting I wonder if we should choose a different Saturday e.g. the first, second or third Saturday in the month. This is what the Chester Races calender looks like this year:


So meeting on the fourth Saturday is actually the worst choice we could have made. Meeting on the first Saturday would be best, with the third Saturday as the second best option. Meeting on the third Saturday also means we wouldn’t have to miss the meeting in December¬†– meeting on the first Saturday would make the january meeting problematic.

Maybe we could even change the dates for the rest of this year’s meetings (from July onwards) if that doesn’t cause too many problems with the room bookings. Suppose we delayed all the meetings by a week so in effect change the meetings to the first Saturday. That would avoid all the clashes for the rest of the year.