Next meeting 23rd July

The next meeting is on 23rd July in the Chester Library. We will be discussing The Rabbit Back Literature Society by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen.

Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen is a name that will be new to many of us even though he has written three novels and one collection of short stories, mainly because The Rabbit Back Literature Society is the first of his novels to be translated into English. The eponymous Rabbit Back is a small town where all sorts of strange things happen, many centred around the town’s literature society.

You’ll find lots of reviews of the book online, but while all the reviewers love the book few seem able to give a clear description of what it’s about. The impression I get is that, well, it’s weird!

We also need to start thinking about the book choices for the final four meetings of 2016, so please come armed with ideas for interesting books. Courtesy of Alison we already have one suggestion:

The books left on the shortlist from last time are:

  • Piers Anthony – On a Pale Horse
  • John Scalzi – Old Man’s War
  • Stephen Baxter – The Time Ships
  • Jack Williamson – Darker Than You Think
  • Pat Cadigan – Synners
  • Paul McAuley – Something Coming Through
  • Lawrence M. Schoen – Barsk
  • Natasha Pulley – The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

We can carry any or all of these books forward, or bin them off and choose an entirely new list as we please. We want a shortlist of about a dozen books to choose from at the August meeting.

Note that this is a race day so be prepared for the traffic to be heavy.


Changes to meeting dates

A couple of posts back we mentioned the possibility of changing the meeting dates to avoid clashes with the Chester Races, and at the recent meeting we agreed we will change the meeting dates to the the third Saturday in the month. This takes effect from September, so the next two meetings are unchanged:

But the new dates for September and onwards meetings are:

  • 17th Sep – in the teen area
  • 15th Oct – in the meeting room
  • 19th Nov – in the meeting room
  • 17th Dec – in the meeting room

The change will avoid all but one clash with the Races. The Chester Races August meeting is generally on the third weekend in August, but aside from this there won’t be any other clashes. The change also allows us to have a December meeting because the third Saturday in December doesn’t clash with the Christmas holiday