Next meeting Saturday 17th December

The last meeting of 2016 is in Chester Library on Saturday 17th December. We will be discussing Made to Kill by Adam Christopher.

This has received somewhat mixed reviews. As I recall we thought we hadn’t had a robot story for a while and a combined robot and detective story seemed like a good bet. However Kirkus Reviews summarised it as A small idea stretched until it snaps, which doesn’t sound too promising. Oh well.

We need to choose the first four books for 2017 from our shortlist of a dozen books.
The shortlist is:

  • A Lee Martinez – Emperor Mollusk Versus the Sinister Brain
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky – Children of Time
  • Douglas R Brown – Tamed
  • Ken Macleod – Descent
  • Lawrence M. Schoen – Barsk
  • Naomi Alderman – The Power
  • Neil Gaiman – American Gods
  • Paul McAuley – Something Coming Through
  • Sergei Lukyanenko – Night Watch
  • Stephen Baxter – The Time Ships
  • Stephen Graham Jones – Mongrels
  • Ted Chiang – Story of Your Life and Others (anthology)

Summaries of all the books can be viewed here.


Geoff’s Chaos

Realising not all members are in our facebook group, I’m shamelessly posting this ad for my latest science fiction story to be published.



Imagine a city which exists only in the minds of its inhabitants. There’s everything you’d expect in a real city including fun and trouble. Olga, has to get past the bouncer then in Mokii she finds an intruder. He is trying to usurp the virtual city because there is financial reward from the advertising revenue beamed into the visitors’ minds. Can she thwart him?

New science fiction book release and already has a 5 star review.

Created as an ebook by Solstice Publishing read for only 99 pence

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If you like it I’d be much obliged if you’d leave a word in the Amazon reviews. If you don’t like it I’ll try harder next time.