First four books of 2017

Choosing the next four books turned out to be surprisingly painless. They are:

  • 21st January Douglas R. Brown – Tamed
  • 18th February A. Lee Martinez – Emperor Mollusc versus the Sinister Brain
  • 18th March Neil Gaiman – American Gods
  • 15th April Adrian Tchaikovsky – Children of Time

See you all on 21st January.

Tamed seems hard to get hold of as a printed copy. At the time of writing Amazon has several cheap second hand copies but they ship from the US so I’d order right away if you want a copy. I have a copy of the ebook if anyone wants to borrow it.


15 thoughts on “First four books of 2017

  1. Naomi Aldeman’s “The Power” got a solid recommendation, during a Book of the Year review, on Radio 4’s Open Book programme, earlier today. (!)

  2. “Loops…”:

    Westworld Season One:

    Jonathon Nolan & Lisa Joy offer a
    Sci Fi storyline which asks audience challenging questions on many levels hidden within a plot of, in some ways, ‘Mazelike’ intricacy. Requiring concentration/multiple viewing.

    A worthy watch.

    Where Season Two will take us?


  3. Rogue One:

    This ‘Outshone’ TFA/Episode VII, in many ways. (Although TFA’s not AWFUL. Just a re-shoot of Episode IV’s base storyline. (?))

    A ‘Foundation’ story which introduces charecters from the ‘Expanded Universe’ to a wider audience.

    It’s a ‘standalone’ story which gives more depth to what follows after. (?)
    With memorable charecterisation. (All well drawn with regard to motivation and actions. Including the ‘Baddie’s’!)

    Some charecter ‘Surprises’. Excellent CGI, strong action setpieces. Riff’s and references for ‘hardcore’ fans. An intelligent storyline with ‘darker’ and moral themes woven in.

    Rogue One is definately a ‘Grown Up’ Star Wars movie, within the canon.

    Definately worth a re-watch. (Big screen, or eventually Blu Ray/DVD.)


  4. ‘Howls of Disbelief.’:

    Our first meeting of the year was fully attended, as everyone wanted to share opinions on Tamed!

    The unanimous concensus was it was pretty poor. Essentially cliched unrealistic fan fiction.

    Stock evil CEO’s/Companies, Genocide. Persecution of powerless minorities/”The Small Folk.” Misguided killer’s defeating evil and redemption, Biotech, etc.

    But, still We (the reader), could rely on the ‘Guaranteed’ triumph of ‘Good’ over ‘Evil’ No shades of grey, here. All woven into a tale of ‘Soft Focus’ Supernatural Horror.

    On the basis of his Bio, and his published output. It seem strange that a commissioning Agent, and a small press Editor/House, proof readers OK’ed the publication of this novel.


    Clichéd, pedestrian, unrealistic, implausible charecterisation, basically ‘Throwaway’ Tosh.
    Back to Writing 101, then… Doug/’Dougie’
    It kept us talking for 45 minutes.

    Within the time remaining, a senior librarian gave us a brief general overview of what facilities will be available to the group after the library relocation in May. A positive forecast. (!)

    In open forum, we discussed Xmas TV
    scheduling, general overviews of Rogue One, Zootropolis, and Westworld, etc. As well as general/everyday ‘catching up’.

    The meeting broke up at library close.

    So, a slightly disappointing selection. With luck, Emperor Mollusk will attain a higher level of appreciation?

    To be seen… ? (18/02/17)


  5. AS, S and A (?) also gave a overview of Passengers. Although it’s had variable’Lukewarm’ film media reviews and negative internet reaction. It’s not ‘Awful’?

    Empire magazine gave it 4*
    Total Film 3*(?)


  6. I Robot.:

    Radio4 are transmitting an audio play of Asimov’s seminal work. a 5 part broadcast at 19.45-20.00 Monday-Friday. This week. With an omnibus transmission on Saturday 11/02/17.

    Maybe worth a listen. (?)

  7. ‘Katsu or Snarg… (?)’:

    Katsu, (TWoFS)would be lower maintenance, Snarg = a more ‘Macho streetcred…’

    Both equally ‘Cool companions…'(!)

  8. ‘All the World’s a Stage…’:

    Saturday 25th March 2017.
    Lache Library
    Lache Park Avenue
    CH4 8HR

    Telephone: 01244 973974

    Gonzo Moose present:

    ‘The Thing That Came From Over There’

    (Anarchic Comedy Theatre At Its Best’ Fringe Review)

    Doors Open 7PM
    Show Starts 7.30PM

    Ticket Price: Adults £8. Children £6. Family £20.

    Inspired by the Horror movies of the 1950’s, ‘The Thing That Came From Over There’ is a
    fast-paced.rollicking ride, mixing paranoia, suspense and hilariously gruesome deaths.

    It is 1912, and as Scott and Amundsen begin their race across Antarctica, hapless explorer, Captain Reginald Cranston has accidently landed on the wrong side of the continent.

    As Cranston and his motley band set up base camp, a meteor crashes nearby. Deciding to investigate, they set out towards the crash site – unaware of the danger that awaits not just them, but the whole of plant Earth.

    (Updates a&w)

    • MB also gave us an update on the forthcoming release of

      The Boy On The Bridge. M R Carey.

      A return to the world established in TGWATG. Hardback& e-book: 4th May.

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