Next meeting 17th June

Update 2: we are now meeting in The Commercial. Same date and time, 17th June at 2 p.m. The somewhat vague instructions I have are: “We’ve got the front room. 1st on the left of the front door.”

Update: it turns out the Storyhouse is unavailable on 17th June. They have some sort of event on and it is taking over the whole building. Right now I’m not sure what we do about this. For now watch this space.

The next meeting is at 2 p.m. on 17th June in The Storyhouse somewhere. Hopefully in the meeting room if the needle wielding Amazons haven’t driven us out again.

The book we are discussing is The Power by Naomi Alderman. Published in 2016, this book has attracted a great del of attention (mostly favourable). See for example this review in the Guardian and this review in the Financial Times.

The book has been nominated for the Orwell Prize and the Women’s Prize for Fiction.


3 thoughts on “Next meeting 17th June

  1. The Boy On The Bridge:

    This “Sidequel”/Companion Narrative is a GOOD, thoroughly enjoyable return to the world established in TGWATG. (!)

    Highly recommended.

  2. 2017 Nebula Award:
    The Nebula Awards.

    Best Novel Winner:

    Charlie Dean Anders:
    All The Birds In The Sky.

    It’s listed on both the Hugo and the Clarke submissions lists.


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