Next meeting 16th December

The next meeting is at 14:00 on December 16th in the Storyhouse Meeting room. We will be discussing Rotherweird by Andrew Caldecott.

Rotherweird is Caldecott’s first book so it is something of an unknown quantity, but the reviews have been pretty good. The Guardian described it as the love child of Gormenghast without the rancour, and Hogwarts without the rightful heir. The Independent described is as an entertaining and hugely funny history, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy caper. Though everyone agrees it’s a longish book so start it in plenty of time!

We also have to choose the next four books. The shortlist is:

  • Dave Hutchinson – Europe at Midnight
  • James Brogden – Hekla‚Äôs Children
  • Johanna Sinisalo – The Core of the Sun
  • Ken Macleod – Descent
  • Lavie Tidhar – The Violent Century
  • Paul McAuley – Something Coming Through
  • Sergei Lukyanenko – Night Watch
  • Sheri S. Tepper – Grass
  • Stephen Graham Jones – Mongrels

You’ll find descriptions of all the books here.