Next meeting Saturday July 21st

The next meeting is on Saturday July 21st in the Storyhouse meeting room. We will be discussing Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan.

Altered Carbon is a classic of the hard science fiction revival. Richard Morgan was one of a group of authors who reinvigorated the genre. It’s a gritty, and frequently gory, book absolutely stuffed with interesting ideas. It has recently been made into a TV series though that has received somewhat mixed reviews. It is frequently described as cyberpunk though I think that’s a bit misleading. It’s more like military SF – the protagonist Takeshi Kovacs is an ex elite soldier now in prison for various crimes. This is a somewhat overused trope but don’t be put off. The Kirkus review of the book says:

The body count is high, the gadgetry pure genius, the sex scenes deliriously overwrought, and the worn cynicism thoroughly distasteful: a welcome return to cyberpunk’s badass roots.

and I’d say that’s a good summary.


Geoff’s talk at Lache Library

Just a reminder that I got talked into giving a talk at the Lache Library, Chester on Thursday 21st June at 2:30pm Although the talk centres on the historical fantasy novel Xaghra’s Revenge it is not necessary for you to have read it. Much of my delivery is why I wrote it, what strange things popped up when I did the research, images of the Gozo features that are in the story and a brief reading from me. Plenty of time for a Q&A. There’s a drinks machine there and I’ll bring biscuits. I only know of 3 people who are definitely coming and one of them is me.