For those new to the group. I’m Geoff Nelder and a member for at least 10 years. I expect Kyle will know. I’m also a writer of an eclectic mix of genres: thrillers, humour, fantasy, historical fantasy but mainly science fiction with a surreal slant. My latest is a novella, SUPPOSE WE. The published asked me to write a series of surreal yet hard science fiction novellas and SUPPOSE WE is the first released on May 20th 2019 with FALLING UP following later in the year.

In brief, a different kind of Ark ship crashlands on a faraway planet in the Kepler 20 system. Sadly the natives are a million years ahead of Earth, so ignore the humans. How they attract attention, survive the strangeness of the planet and discover the secret of their mission payload form the plot. The characterisation has zest because the science officer is vegan and they discover so is the planet. (Is this the first sf book written by an ancient vegan, with a vegan main character on a planet with no predators larger than insects?)

Details such as why a butterfly – are on my blog at

The release date is May 20th to coincide with our 47th wedding anniversary. Paperback and ebook form.

If you enjoy it or hate it I’d be much obliged if you’d pen a few words on why at Amazon and Goodreads.


Next meeting Sat 13th April

Note the date change: this meeting was originally on 20th April but we’ve brought it forward to avoid the clash with the Easter weekend.

We will be discussing The Hike by Drew Magary. I know absolutely nothing about the book or the author, but the book has attracted lots of positive reviews.

At this meeting we need to choose the next four books. The shortlist is:

  • Ali Shaw – The Girl With Glass Feet 2009
  • Arthur C. Clarke – A Fall of Moondust 1961
  • Brian Aldiss – Finches of Mars 2015
  • Charlie Jane Anders – The City in the Middle of the Night 2019
  • Dacre Stoker – Dracul 2018
  • Fonda Lee – Jade City 2018
  • Gordon R. Dickson – Time storm 1977
  • Kate Mascarenhas – The Psychology of Time Travel 2019
  • Mahvesh Murad, Jared Shurin – The Outcast Hours 2019
  • Marie Brennan – A Natural History of Dragons 2013
  • Simon Ings – The Smoke 2018
  • Tade Thompson – Rosewater 2018
  • Tom Sweterlitsch – The Gone World 2018

Next meeting Sat March 16th

The next meeting is on Saturday March 16th. We will be discussing Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn.

Lian Hearn writes deep rich fantasies with complex plots. There is a lot here to get your teeth into!

At this meeting we have to update the shortlist for the next four books. The books currently on the shortlist are:

  • Cat Rambo – Altered America
  • Dacre Stoker – Dracul
  • Kate Mascarenhas – The Psychology of Time Travel
  • Kazuo Ishiguro – Never Let Me Go
  • Marie Brennan – A Natural History of Dragons
  • Robin Hobb – Assassin’s Apprentice
  • Tade Thompson – Rosewater
  • Tom Sweterlitsch – The Gone World

So we need at least four more books, though ideally we want more than that as I suspect some of the books currently on the list have reached their use by date. For example I suspect we’re never going to choose Never Let Me Go because too many of the group have already read it or seen the film adaptation.

Next meeting Saturday 16th February

The next meeting is on Saturday 16th February in the Storyhouse meeting room. We’ll be discussing Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfar.

This is a slightly odd book. I think we chose it mainly out of curiosity to see what it was like. It has been well reviewed and generally described as witty. For example the Guardian described it as Solaris with laughs. Tor described it as funny and moving.

Change to January book

Please note there has been a change to our original choice of book for January. We will now be discussing Vicious by V. E. Schwab at the January 19th meeting.

Our original choice for the January book, Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfar, will now be discussed in February.

Apologies for the confusion. I would like to claim that we are not usually this disorganised, but sadly we are usually this disorganised.